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Ways To Give

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Donate Cryptocurrency

Donating appreciated cryptocurrency may allow you to avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation. If you’ve held the cryptocurrency for a significant period, and its value has increased since you acquired it, selling the cryptocurrency could trigger capital gains tax. However, if you donate the cryptocurrency directly to a charity, you may not incur capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Make a crypto donation and get an automatic tax receipt. Making your crypto donations through The Giving Block gives you the most reliable way to reduce your capital gains taxes while supporting Fins Attached.

Donate Appreciated Stock

One of the primary advantages of donating appreciated stock is that you can potentially avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation. If you were to sell the stock instead of donating it, you might be subject to capital gains tax on the profit. However, when you donate the appreciated stock directly to a qualified charitable organization, you generally do not realize capital gains.

Donate Donor-Advised Fund

Make a contribution to your DAF in the form of cash or a non-cash asset. Cash, Stocks, Real estate, Cryptocurrencies, Mutual funds, Non-publicly traded assets. The tax benefits are one of the biggest advantages of using donor advised funds. As such, DAF donors receive an immediate tax deduction for gifts made to their donor-advised funds. Why donate a non-cash asset to a DAF? Donors are not required to pay capital gains on any appreciated non-cash assets (like crypto) that are donated to a donor advised fund, making it a highly tax-efficient way for savvy investors to give back.

The integration with Chariot allows donors to log into their Donor-Advised Fund account and send their donation without leaving the Fins Attached site.