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How to Donate Your Boat

Guidelines on How to Donate Your Boat and Recieve a Tax Deduction

  1. It is the donor’s responsibility to obtain an appraisal from a “qualified appraiser”.
  2. It is recommended that the donor engage a professional tax advisor before making any commitment regarding the donation of property to a non-profit organization.
  3. Fins Attached will provide documentation to allow the donation to qualify for the appraised value which will include Form 1098-C, Form 8283 and a Contemporaneous Letter of Acceptance.
  4. IRS Publication 4303 is a very informative booklet available online at The website also has links to all of the forms required by the IRS to properly document any donations for a tax deduction.
  5. We will help with any questions you or your tax professional may have regarding your charitable donation to the Fins Attached.
  6. To start the process please contact us to let us know you would like to donate your boat and we will send you the appropriate forms.

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