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Volunteer Coordinator: Passionate conservationist and lover of all animals, especially cats and sharks.

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Founder and Executive Director: The equation is simple, Save Sharks + Save our Oceans = Save all Living Things.

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Board of Directors: For more than thirty years, Mr. Lemons has been on the leading edge of the development of market-based conservation solutions. During his career, he has lived and worked extensively in South America and Asia including: Guyana, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. Mr. Lemons is an honor’s graduate from the University of the South in the United States, with a dual degree in International Economic Development and Spanish, as well as conducting post graduate work in Industrial Engineering and International Business Management (Masters in Industrial Management) at the Universidad Católica in Santiago.

Jason’s passion for diving goes hand in hand with a commitment to marine conservation, and his experience as a PADI Divemaster has inspired him to take a more active role in efforts to protect the world’s oceans and the boundless life they contain. Jason feels it’s impossible to experience the wonders of the undersea world first-hand without coming away with a profound feeling of reverence, and a sense of duty to preserve those wonders for future generations. Conservation is the key to the survival of the planet, as we are all interconnected and our survival is tied together. Jason helps the cause in more direct ways, too. He has volunteered his time and expertise at Texas State University’s protected marine area at Spring Lake, and in the last few years, he’s become particularly involved in Ocean conservation efforts through Fins Attached, where he has found his home away from home. Jason is Tesla certified, involved with the automotive industry his entire life, he sees the push into this new technology as the way forward to reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels. At his company, Heritage Body and Frame they also use environmentally friendly paint systems to help reduce environmental impact.

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