100% Turtle Egg Rescue at Isla Damas

May 7, 2024

Quepos Costa Rica

In 2022 only 10,000 eggs were rescued, while the poachers stole over 35,000 eggs to sell for local consumption.

Building on the successes of 2023 and with collaborative efforts, there are several steps we can take to strive for rescuing all sea turtle eggs in 2024.

2023 Numbers:

  • 37,807 eggs rescued
  • 31,730 baby turtles released
  • 8.000 eggs stolen by poachers

Working with the locals.

On the left, you see Milo, our diligent onsite project manager. On the right, we have William Ramirez. Once a poacher, William now collects eggs for replanting at our beach hatchery.

2024 Goals:

  1. Expand Monitoring Efforts: Strengthen monitoring programs to cover more nesting sites and increase the frequency of patrols. This can help us identify nests early and take timely action to protect them.
  2. Empower Local Communities: Engage with coastal communities, including poachers, to raise awareness about the importance of sea turtle conservation and empower them to take ownership of protecting nesting sites.
  3. Research: Invest in research to understand sea turtle behavior, nesting patterns, and threats. This knowledge will help us adapt conservation strategies effectively in response to changing environmental conditions and emerging challenges.
  4. Public Engagement and Education: Conduct outreach programs in schools, universities, and communities to educate people about the importance of sea turtle conservation and inspire them to take action.

By implementing these strategies and building on the momentum of past successes, we can work towards the ambitious goal of RESCUING ALL SEA TURTLE EGGS IN 2024, contributing significantly to the conservation and preservation of these magnificent marine species.

To make this happen, we need to raise an additional $5,000.