Revillagigedo (Socorro) Mexico Expeditions

2022: Fins Attached – Socorro, Mexico, Research Expeditions


Join Fins Attached on a Socorro Mexico Expedition in 2022. The research includes hammerhead, silvertip, Galapagos, whale, silky and tiger sharks, and giant manta rays. Small group, no more that 12 participants, experience with hands on participation. A unique and rewarding experience. Email info@finsattached.org for more details.

The Revillagigedo Islands are a group of four volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, known for their unique ecosystem. They lie approximately 390 kilometres (240 mi) southwest of Cabo San Lucas, the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, and 720 to 970 kilometres (450 to 600 mi) west of Manzanillo.

Day 1: Board Sharkwater and depart San Jose Del Cabo around 12:00pm

Day 2: SAN BENEDICTO ISLAND: Average depth: 25m – Maximum depth: 30m

El Fondeadero is often dove first. It is generally pretty calm and not too deep so its where we will do our checkout dive. There are three large pinnacles full of lobster, fish, eels and occasionally shark.

Dive site: THE BOILER: A large pinnacle rises to about 20 feet (6m) from the surface, so you can’t see it from topside. The surf and swell running across the top sometimes making the water look like its boiling. The pinnacle is small enough to swim around during one dive and its very majestic looking from all angles. The bottom is at around 160′ (50m) so getting your weights right and not being too heavy is very important. This area is a popular cleaning station for the giant Pacific manta. They gather here to be cleaned by the Clarion Angelfish.

It is usually just a matter of a few minutes in the water before the mantas started to show up. As they approach, they look you right in the eye, and you feel like you are communicating with them. In March, we may be fortunate enough to see a humpback whale underwater here, and maybe even a tiger shark.

Dive site: THE CANYON: “El Canyon” is on the south end of the island. It was here that we may see many mantas, dolphins, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, tiger sharks, and schools of hammerheads off the point.

Day 3 & 4: SOCORRO ISLAND: Average depth: 25m – Maximum depth: 40m

Dive site: CABO PEARCE: Cabo Pearce is located on the east side of Socorro Island. You can expect to see dolphins, humpback whales and mantas.

Dive site: PUNTA TOSCA: Punta Tosca is another site on Socorro Island. There are often playful, sociable dolphins here, and sometimes Silky sharks.

Dive site: THE AQUARIUM: Usually in the afternoon dives, will be on the other side of the island at a spot called “The Aquarium”. We may see whales just offshore while at this site.

Day 5 & 6: ROCA PARTIDA: Average depth: 20m – Maximum depth: 40m

Roca Partida is a pinnacle about 85 miles from San Benedicto Island. About 100′ high and as long as 300 feet, the pinnacle is in the middle of nowhere and is a magnet to pelagics. This is where you can see many sharks, mantas, huge schools of fish, and whale sharks. Schools of hammerheads and skily sharks have been seen here, and many whitetip reef sharks resting on the ledges of the pinnacle. Humpback whale also hang out around Roca.

Day 7: SAN BENEDICTO: Average depth: 25m – Maximum depth: 30m

Day 8: – Arrive back into San Jose Del Cabo

The above is subject to change depending on the conditions, research, and group desires.

  • 8-day trips with 6-days of diving and research at Revillagigedo.
  • On board M/Y Sharkwater

Available 2022 Dates:

  1. December 28 (2021) – January 4, 2022
  2. January 10-19 (10-day, 8-days of diving includes Clarion, the 4th island in the archipelago)
  3. January 23-30
  4. February 3-10
  5. February 14-21
  6. February 25-March 4
  7. March 10-27 (Private research expedition from Socorro to Clipperton to Costa Rica)

Included with your donations are:

  • All meals and snacks on board
  • Complimentary beverages
  • 6-days of diving (tanks, weights, boat and guide)
  • Nitrox
  • Port fees

Donations do not include:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel nights in Mexico (hotel will be recommended)
  • National Park fees ($450/person for 6-days of diving, $600 for 8-days of diving)
  • Crew tips

Email: info@finsattached.org.