Tag a Shark Sponsorship

November 16, 2020

TAG A SHARK is your opportunity to NAME a shark, FOLLOW it around the Eastern Pacific, and PROTECT it by supporting our scientific research.

Research on sharks has been slow and inconsistent due to the remoteness and inherent dangers and difficulties of studying sharks in their natural habitat, and the lack of funding; however, thanks to electronic tags, we are beginning to understand sharks and their behavior – where sharks go and why they go there.

Sponsor your shark here,


This data is collected and analyzed before being presented to government authorities and agencies as essential information to influence international conservation policies. 

You can play your part in this important research buy sponsoring your own shark tag. Your TAG A SHARK $400 donation (cost of 1 acoustic tag) will enable us to purchase one of these tags and directly associate it to you. Our goal is to raise sponsorship for 20 tags and we need your support.  In return you will receive the following:

  • The ability to name the shark that will eventually be tagged (complete additional info below).
  • A sponsorship Certificate once a tag has been purchased and allocated to you.
  • Notification when the tag is attached to a shark, including tag number, species, location, date, time, information about the tagger and a video of the tagging (where possible).
  • A Certificate, including the above information, confirming the tagging of the shark.
  • Updated information about the migratory movements of the shark, as and when data is collected (approximately every 6-8 months).
  • Access to scientific articles where your tag data has been included.