Salty Sharks Uprising

October 6, 2022

A message from Rob Keanalley, Founder & CEO, Salty Sharks UprisingAquatic Metaverse Pty Ltd

Growing up on the Gold Coast, Australia in the 70’s and 80’s I spent a lot of time in the surf at some of the best beaches in the world. When I finished school, I began learning to scuba dive as well, embarking on a series of courses and dive experiences that took me through to rescue diver qualifications. Whilst I grew up in the era of the Jaws movie, instilling in me a fear of sharks, my diving experiences provided me an entirely different perspective. I came to admire and love the grace and majesty of this incredible species. Over the years, I also became aware of their plight. Caught up in dragnet fishing practices as collateral damage, hunted purely for their fins in other places, maligned by so many for the purpose of sensationalism in the news when interactions with humans in the shark’s natural environment went poorly. 

When an opportunity came about for me to combine a passion for new technology with my love of the oceans and respect and admiration for sharks, I knew I could create something that would hopefully inspire people to love, respect and emotionally connect to these species. Humans love storytelling. We love to create a connection with characters. By using fiction, fantasy, and adventure, I wanted to make sharks these characters that we as humans could relate too and engage with. We often learn best through the sharing of stories. So, at Salty Sharks Uprising, we use a fantasy story to share the importance of sharks to our oceans and world while giving them characteristics and emotions that we can all relate too.  And, in doing all this, I wanted to offer people a way to stay engaged through games, entertainment, and investment that all fed back into helping fund the research and conservation of this incredible species.

Sharks have lived on this planet for an estimated 450 million years; losing them on our watch would be a travesty beyond imagining.

Aquatic Metaverse Pty Ltd is a digital asset entertainment and education brand focused on marine life conservation. Via NFT collections, adventure story, gaming applications and unique education experiences with our conservation partners we seek to reduce the unjust fears and stigma of our apex predators.

Support Fins Attached with every Salty Shark NFT minted. Mint Page is https://mintable.app/saltysharks

Website is www.saltysharks.io