Hammerheads and Seamounts

June 16, 2020

“Dr. Hammerhead” presentation this Wednesday, June 17.
FREE tickets available: https://app.donorview.com/KNeKM

Dr. Klimley’s experience and knowledge about sharks is unmatched by anyone. Don’t miss this virtual live presentation.

His latest hardcover book, “Dr. Hammerhead Swim with Sharks,” published by Fins Attached, is also available, buy now.

Dr. Peter Klimley, a pioneer in shark research.

Join us on 17 June and listen to Dr Peter Klimley describe, using videos, the behavior of scalloped hammerhead sharks while in massive schools at seamounts and islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean, as well to present a theory on how they can make migrations, ten miles away, at night, swimming with the directionality that you drive a car along a freeway from New York to Washington.  The sharks form large schools during the daytime, mainly composed of females, which fight amongst each other for a position in the center of the school.  The males then rush into the center, flexing their claspers, to select largest and most aggressive females, and the two leave the schools to mate.  Questions are welcome. Don’t miss this talk!