November 24, 2023

Dear Shark and Ocean Lovers,
For my 66th birthday I decided to challenge myself and climb the Manitou Springs Incline. The Incline is steep. It gains over 2,000 feet of elevation in less than one mile. I completed the climb in 1.25 hours. As we get older we need to challenge ourselves. As I was climbing, my mind was all over the place, as I started to fatigue I was thinking about how this climb was a metaphor of life. Facing challenges, hitting a wall, the strong desire to give up, facing obstacles, taking risks, being in a battle, and on and on.

If you want something badly, you will keep fighting, no matter the obstacles. So many times I wanted to stop climbing, but I kept fighting, moving forward, or in this case, upward. If you believe in something, driven by passion, you will keep fighting. Remember, nothing worth doing is ever easy, but the rewards are greater. This has been my life for 30 years now, fighting for the survival of sharks. I am still fighting.

As we look back on 2023 we can ask ourselves, did we do enough to make a change? What else could we have done? We always think we could have done more for positive change for the cause. What about these words? Do they sound familiar? Passion, perseverance, endurance, fighting, struggles, and opposition. We look forward to what challenges 2024 will have. Will you continue to fight with us?

Wishing everyone a Happy and prosperous 2024.
Alex Antoniou, Ph.D. Founder and CEO.