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M/Y Sharkwater

Download the Sharkwater Vessel Information Package

Sharkwater is a 134-foot vessel that was originally built in Japan and used by Japanese fisheries but now has been repurposed for the good of our oceans through the marine research and conservation mission of Fins Attached. Sharkwater will be a host to many different professions within the field. Scientists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), marine science students, and documentary crews will have the opportunity to conduct fieldwork, and to achieve the objectives of Fins Attached. Scientists and film crews have already reached out to Fins Attached to be able to use Sharkwater over the next 12 months.

Having its own research expedition vessel will allow Fins Attached to expand its mission. Fins Attached works toward saving marine animal life, sharks in particular. Shark populations are on the decline, and in some species, by over 95%.  “Being able to support research, conversation, and education of the apex predators of the sea is what Sharkwater is all about,” Alex Antoniou, Fins Attached founder.

Sharkwater will conduct over 25 expeditions a year with various research, documentary, citizen scientist, and donor groups. Sponsorships are available. Individuals and companies can sponsor areas of the ship, such as the Dive Deck Operations, the Lounge and Dining area, and Individual Guest Cabins. All sponsors will be recognized in all Fins Attached communication channels throughout the year. Additionally, sponsorships are tax deductible. Contact to become a sponsor or to book your next adventure.

If you would like to donate towards saving sharks and our oceans, please donate or become a Fins Attached member.

Fins Attached is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations and memberships are tax deductible.